Terms of use


Adopted by the AQED Board of Directors on 10 June 2018

1. The Legal Support Committee offers 2 services to AQED members: a general
legal information service and a consultation service for specific cases with the
AQED lawyer.

2. The membership number must be provided at all times.

3. Only active members have access to the Legal Support Committee.

4. Only members who have been active for more than 3 months have access to the
services of the Legal Support Committee.

5. A new member who already has a file opened at the DYP may, depending on the
nature of the file, be refused the services of the Legal Support Committee or will
have to assume the cost of the lawyer's services themselves.

6. The Legal Support Committee decides on the relevance of referring a case to
AQED lawyers.

7. The Legal Support Committee and the AQED lawyer may assist, support, inform
and inform a member's lawyer free of charge.

8. The services of the AQED lawyer are intended to defend a parent who chooses
to homeschool in Quebec, as part of their educational project.

9. The services of the AQED lawyer are only used to mediate and/or legally defend
cases involving the School Board, the DYP or the Ministry of Education for the
homeschooling component of a case.

10. If a member does not meet the prerequisites for free legal services, they may
engage, at their own expense, the services of AQED lawyers at a reduced rate
for members.

11. AQED tries to support parents in their educational choices.

12. AQED recognizes the importance of civic education by supporting families who
do not violate the fundamental values of Quebec society: the rule of law, a free
and democratic society, equality between all, the importance of cultural diversity,
pluralism, tolerance and respect for individual rights and freedoms. Thus, the
member's actions must reflect the fundamental values of Quebec society.

13. AQED may choose not to support a parent whose educational approach does not
uphold the following 7 conditions:
a. Regular involvement of parents or guardians of the child
b. The presence of a philosophy (not necessarily a recognized philosophy) or
a way of thinking in which parents demonstrate their commitment,
enthusiasm and recognition of their child's needs, abilities and aspirations
c. The potential for the child to be stimulated by their learning experiences
d. The involvement of parents in a wide range of activities appropriate to the
child's level of development
e. Access to appropriate resources and equipment
f. The possibility of adequate physical activity
g. The opportunity to interact with other children and adults
14. The member must cooperate, respect and follow the advice of AQED lawyers in
order to continue to obtain financial support from AQED.

15. A member may ask the Board of Directors of AQED to review the decision of the
Legal Support Committee. Any decision of the Board of Directors will be final.

16. Any active member using the legal services of lawyers associated with AQED
must comply with AQED’s following requirements:
a. Do not disclose information concerning the case in dispute as long as the
services are provided by AQED
b. Disclosure of information is prohibited via social or public networks (such
as Facebook, newspapers, Twitter, Instagram, Forum, etc.)
c. In the event of non-compliance with the obligations listed above, the Board
shall have the right to terminate the financial contribution to the Legal
Service immediately.
d. A request for reimbursement of expenses incurred may be made by the
Board to the active member who has benefited from the legal services of
the AQED in cases where:
i. The member deliberately aggravated their dispute
ii. The obligations under Article 18 (b) have not been met
iii. Any other unforeseen eventuality, in which case a decision
by 2/3 of the AQED Board of Directors is required.

e. AQED will not provide any information to the media without the approval of
the active member and the lawyers on file. AQED will respect the
confidentiality of the case.