Language of instruction

WARNING: This article explains the new homeschooling regulation in general and gives suggestions for fulfilling your legal obligations. This is not a legal opinion nor is it legal advice. For information specific to your situation, consult a lawyer. This article does not replace the content of the official guide mentioned in section 459.5.1 of the Education Act, which will be developed by the Minister and will be released no later than July 1, 2019. See AQED’s strategy.

You may homeschool your children in the language of your choice and submit the children’s work in any language if you choose the portfolio evaluation method, regardless of which school board you are registered with. However, an education at home in English does not constitute in itself eligibility for an English school education. Your children must attend a French school if they return to public school, unless they are eligibile for English school, or have a valid exemption.

Registration with an English school board for homeschooling:

With the change in the Education Act after Bill 144, registering with an English School Board now requires that your children be eligible for education in English according to Bill 101. If your children are not eligible, you must register with the French school board and you will only be able to receive services from that school board. However, as stated above, you can homeschool in any language, regardless of which school board you are registered with.

Please note that if your children have been issued a certificate of eligibility for instruction in English, it is possible to switch between the French and the English school boards at any time. According to the Ministry's website, your children will retain their certificate of elibility regardless of what school board they are registered with.

Heads up!
The role of the school board has changed with the sanctionning of Bill 144. If you do not want any services, you do not need to interact with the school board after having sent in your notice.

Services from the school board:

The school board you are officially registered with will get funding (in 2018, about $1,500 per registered child) to provide services to homeschoolers regardless of whether you use their services or not. If you are eligible and plan to use the services of a school board, choose between the English or French school boards by considering the services provided by each and the language in which you want the services.