Monitoring Meeting

WARNING: This article explains the new homeschooling regulation in general and gives suggestions for fulfilling your legal obligations. This is not a legal opinion nor is it legal advice. For information specific to your situation, consult a lawyer. This article does not replace the content of the official guide mentioned in section 459.5.1 of the Education Act, which will be developed by the Minister and will be released no later than July 1, 2019. See AQED’s strategy.

The purpose of this meeting is to verify that everything is going well with regard to the implementation of the learning project. It can take place at any time of the year. The Minister's representative will contact you at least 15 days in advance to schedule an appointment and you can arrange a mutually convenient time and means of communication. Your child is required to attend this meeting. 

If you encounter problems implementing your learning project, you may, if you wish, seek advice from the Minister's representative at the meeting. 

Heads Up!
Take advantage of this meeting to communicate your needs regarding the representative's intervention (for example, do you need advice and support or are you simply presenting yourself in order to fulfill your obligations?)


Adopting a positive attitude should help make the experience more enjoyable. It would be beneficial for all if the relationship between the Minister's representatives and parents is characterized by openness and respect, with a common goal to ensure the well-being of our children. We suggest that you be accompanied during any meeting with the Minister's representative.

See our suggestions if you have a child with special needs.