Status and Mid-Term Report

WARNING: This article explains the new homeschooling regulation in general and gives suggestions for fulfilling your legal obligations. This is not a legal opinion nor is it legal advice. For information specific to your situation, consult a lawyer. This article does not replace the content of the official guide mentioned in section 459.5.1 of the Education Act, which will be developed by the Minister and will be released no later than July 1, 2019. See AQED’s strategy.


Send the status report and midterm report to the Direction de l'enseignement à la maison (DEM) three to five months after starting to implement your learning project. The regulation specifies that you can incorporate your status report and a progress report into one document.

Instructions are different if you decide to homeschool after July 1st (After september 1st for the 2018-2019 school year)


Status report 

Your status report must (the numbers in parentheses refer to the exemple in the suggestions guide - attached below in French, see English version of the guide for the English version):

Report on the implementation of the learning project: Indicate in one sentence if the project is going well (1)

Indicate if you have made any changes to the learning project: Briefly explain any changes, if applicable (2, 5, 6)

Indicate learning activities carried out by subject or discipline, and the approximate amount of time that has been allocated to them: based on your learning project, add the activities you have carried out, the resources you have used, and the approximate time allocated. You do not need to be exhaustive. Only include activities necessary to meet the requirements of the law. According to AQED, the approximate time allocated can be expressed as the total number of hours, the number of working days since the project was started, the approximate frequency (every day, once a week, etc.), or an example of a typical day (3, 6)

Heads up!
A simple, broad and well-organized learning project will allow the family to avoid making significant changes and make it easier to communicate any changes that are made in their mid-term and completion reports in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Mid-term Report

The mid-term report must outline:  

Assessments undertaken to measure progress (4). 

If you have already completed an evaluation chosen from amongst the five options under Article 15 of the regulation, you can indicate this method.   

If not, explain the basis of your child’s progress assessment. For example:  

      • Daily monitoring by parents through discussions, work produced, and other achievements of the child.
      • Professional evaluations (for example, by a music teacher, coach, day camp leader, etc.) 
      • Etc.


If you have chosen an evaluation  by portfolio, you do not need to attach it with your mid-term report. It need only be included with the completion report. 

Child’s progress (7)

Write a paragraph or make a chart describing the child's overall progress over the previous year, taking into account his/her learning project.


You can download a Word version in English of this Status and Mid-Term Report and modify it for your child. You can also download a template based on this example.