Why Homeschool?

There are many reasons to educate your child at home. Each family has its own unique reasons. The decision to homeschool can be a long and carefully considered process, but it can also happen quickly. This can be:

  • because of a lifestyle choice;
  • the result of a search for solutions to specific problems experienced by the child;
  • because of disappointment with the  school system; or
  • in response to a crisis (ex. harassment or suicidal thoughts) to provide physical and psychological security to the child. 


There are many advantages to homeschooling. 

 Homeschooling promotes greater family involvement. You can: 

  • follow your children’s interests and motivations; and
  • offer a flexible schedule, allowing children to combine learning with other important projects or the parents’ schedules (travels, semi-professional sports programs, intensive music/arts program, parents’ non-standard work schedule.)   


 Homeschooling addresses certain shortcomings of the school system. You can: 

  • provide personalized education, tailored and adapted to the needs and the pace of your child;
  • give your child more independence and responsibility for their own education;
  • use alternative approaches which would not be possible in a class setting, with 30 students;
  • have the flexibility to adapt and change the approach as your child grows;
  • be able to adapt your teaching to reflect the changing needs of the workplace;
  • offer an education based on collaboration and an equal and democratic relationship between the child and the adult;
  • pass down your moral, religious, or spiritual values to your child;
  • offer an alternative education when your area does not have schools with the specific programs you would prefer;
  • have more educational options in remote areas; and
  • reduce transportation time when school is far from home.


 Homeschooling enriches the learning experience.

  • A one-on-one setting helps children learn faster than in a school setting, allowing more time for enrichment or other activities.


 With homeschooling, children can progress in their learning, despite a negative experience at school.

  • Without bullying, anxiety, school phobia, or any other similar negative experience, homeschooling provides physical, emotional and psychological security.


Photo credit: Marie-Claude Véziau