The annual 30-Day Homeschooling Challenge provides a window into the daily lives of Quebec's family-educators for those unfamiliar with homeschooling. From November 1st through the 30th, families are invited to post daily photos on social media to illustrate the world of home-education. This event is a great opportunity for others to discover this way of life and to promote awareness of this still less-known reality. November promises to be a colorful month in the homeschooling domain!

To participate in this event, throughout the month of November, simply post on Facebook and/or Instagram once per day, sharing something related to your daily homeschooling life. There are no limits; the main goal is to share your learning moments and to accompany them with a brief description or a striking anecdote. By entering the keyword corresponding to their reality (in English: #30dayshomeschooling and #30daysunschooling, in French: #30joursaef and #30joursunschooling), they will be able to spread the word about their publications and thus reach a maximum number of people who are closely or remotely involved in homeschooling. While homeschooling families will be able to draw inspiration from them, others who are not familiar with this way of life will have the opportunity to discover its richness and diversity. It is well known that a picture is worth a thousand words!

Press Release

The 30-Day Homeschooling Challenge puts the spotlight on home education in Quebec