Legal support

An expert legal support team specialized in Québec law

With its lawyers, paralegals, and experienced volunteers, AQED offers its members legal support in case of conflicts with youth services or school authorities. They are there if needed during your interactions with youth services or the courts.

The most affordable legal support service in Québec

This is the most affordable service and the service best adapted to Quebec’s civil law system. Don’t wait to have a conflict before protecting yourself. If a new member is already having legal problems when they become a member, AQED retains the right to refuse access to or to charge fees for accessing the legal support committees’ services and the lawyers.

A service respectful of fundamental Québec society values

AQED recognizes the importance of a civic education. It supports families that do not oppose Québec society’s fundamental values: a society based on the rule of law, a free and democratic society, equality between all individuals, the importance of cultural diversity, pluralism, tolerance and respecting rights and individual liberty.