Chess Classes


Steven Bloom, one of the top ranked players in Quebec, offers online chess lessons to the homeschool community. Many AQED members have already participated and enjoyed it very much!

Students taking the chess course will improve skills such as problem solving, deductive reasoning and creative thinking through solving chess puzzles and executing a systematic process to find the best chess move. Students will also develop spatial visualization skills, particularly on a cartesian plane.

Steven uses an interactive chess platform that allows you to highlight pieces and draw arrows to help facilitate the process of learning strategic ideas for moving pieces. He also constantly asks questions of the entire group as well as each child to keep the class engaging and ensure that the children are learning to their full potential.

Classes run for six weeks, one hour per week. The cost is $90 per child for AQED members, and $120 for non-members. 

To register, visit the activities section, here.