About AQED and its Mission

Our History

Since our founding in 1997,  the Association Québécoise pour l’ Éducation à Domicile (AQED) has changed a lot—and grown! Thanks to our team of volunteers, AQED has been able to evolve to reflect the needs of the members that it supports.

AQED is a secular, non-profit organization. Its decisions and actions are based on facts and the results of scientific research into learning, homeschooling and the well-being of children and their families.

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Supporting Homeschooling

AQED’s Mission

Founded by homeschoolers who wanted to better support each other in their homeschooling projects, AQED’s mission has always been to defend homeschooling.

Democratizing Homeschooling

AQED works to promote, support and defend homeschooling in Quebec. Since 1997, it has been informing, inspiring and bringing together parent-educators across the province. AQED’s goal is to democratize family learning. Striving for a world in which this educational choice is recognized at its true value, and where parents feel confident in offering their children a personalized education.

To achieve this, AQED shares its expertise at events, speaks out in the media, and meets with representatives of school service centres and the DYP.

Representing its Members

AQED also represents its members in dealings with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur and all government bodies dealing with homeschooling. It also represents the community at the Table nationale de concertation en matière d’éducation à domicile and lobbies the government.

Supporting, Uniting, and Defending

AQED defends the rights of parents to educate their children according to their preferred educational method, while respecting the rights of children. It also supports families by bringing them together in a dynamic community where they can flourish.

AQED and Its Strong Media Presence

As a major player in the field of education, AQED acts as the spokesperson for the homeschooling community.

It is called upon by the media for articles, reports and features on the subject. 

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Our Actions

AQED is active in interacting with the government, the Quebec Ombudsman, its community and its members. It carries out a variety of activities aimed at sharing its expertise and representing the homeschooling community.

  • School Service Centers and DYP

    AQED is meeting with representatives of school service centers and the DYP to demystify homeschooling and explain how best to support homeschoolers in their area.

    Players in the Field of Education

    AQED is regularly invited to take part in university courses, conferences and other events to explain the reality of homeschooling to future educators.


    AQED acts as the spokesperson for the homeschooling community. It is solicited by the media for articles, reports or features on this subject.


    AQED shares its expertise at fairs, exhibitions,  and conferences to demystify homeschooling for the general public.

  • With the Government
    • Ongoing communication with the Minister of Education’s team, including the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison (DEM).
    • Representation of its members at the National Consultation Table on Homeschooling (suspended since 2018).
    • Meeting with more than a dozen members of the National Assembly during the parliamentary commissions on bills 99 and 144, about homeschooling.
    • AQED volunteers wrote letters and briefs addressed to parliamentary commission participants to support them in their work.
    • AQED representatives testified before a parliamentary commission and met with experts and civil servants participating in the commission.
    • AQED has invited representatives of the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison at the members consultation exercise during our Estates General.
    • Legal action against the Ministry of Education for the removal of the obligation to take ministerial exams and the end to inequalities in the weighting of grades.
    With the Ombudsman

    AQED representatives have consulted the Quebec Ombudsman in the writing of their report on homeschooling in Quebec.

    With the Homeschooling Community
    • Regular meetings with the other homeschooling associations of Quebec.
    • Remains informed about the creation and development of homeschooling support organizations (support groups, community centers and democratic centers).
    With AQED Members

    Consultation with members to better understand the challenges they face.
    Mobilization of its members by organizing email campaigns, demonstrations and by encouraging parents to meet with their MNAs.

Our Team

AQED is run almost entirely by volunteers. Its management is divided between a Board of Directors and an Administrative Director. The people who work within the association are part of committees overseeing various projects and mandates.

Marine Dumond-Després

Marine Dumond-Després


Marine is first and foremost a mother of two homeschooled children. For her, learning as a family is a logical decision allowing her to spend quality time with her children and to follow their pace and interests.

In 2017, she completed her master’s degree in educational administration focusing on social norms in family learning support groups,  and she is currently preparing a doctorate on the socialization of family-educated youths at the Université de Montréal. She is also co-founder of an activity group for out-of-school children in the Montreal area.

Marine has served as chair of AQED’s board of directors since March 2020. Among her many responsibilities, she is in charge of relations with the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison.

Émilie Salesse-Gauthier

Émilie Salesse-Gauthier


Emilie had not anticipated that homeschooling would be part of her life. Top of the class in her youth, a model and docile student, school seemed to be the way to go without saying. There were a few slow moments and times of exasperation, but nothing that justified questioning the established order.

Then, pregnant with her second child, she attended a conference on unschooling at a congress of La Leche League. What a reveal! She felt completely attracted to this way of life. She had the right profile: a bit of an environmentalist (project manager in a renewable energy association), a follower of positive parenting (mothering, prolonged breastfeeding), children not in daycare… And from research to research, the magic happened!

Now a mother of four, none of which went to school. She loves spending time with her kids and learning with them. She is very active in her region and community. She organizes art workshops, sports classes and conferences. She is best known for the hybrid co-operative-style shared education models she has developed in the Outaouais. She has been AQED’s representative for this region since 2018. She joined the AQED Board of Directors in October 2020.

Tanya Gagné

Tanya Gagné


As a mother of three homeschooled children who have never attended school, Tanya enjoys getting involved in causes that are dear to her heart. For her, family education is an important right that needs to be protected. This way, all families can choose to live this adventure together, an experience to which Tanya believes few things can compare.

Tanya began her involvement with the association by volunteering with the team providing support to members. In May 2019, she became a member of AQED’s board of directors. She serves as treasurer.

Amélie Laguë

Amélie Laguë


Amélie is mother to three neurodivergent children who have never attended school.  Her journey towards family learning was born out of necessity for her first son, who has special needs, and the rest of the siblings simply followed suit on this beautiful adventure.  She loves the closeness with her children this path affords her, as well as the ability to be with them through each stage of their life.

A humanitarian at heart, she has always sought to help others and found herself volunteering in several areas of AQED over the course of several years. One thing led to another, and she found herself on the board of directors in 2023.  She serves as secretary.

Eva Chandler
Board Member

Eva Chandler

Board Member

Born and raised in Germany, Eva Chandler first earned her master’s degree in archaeology before moving to Canada and starting a family. She has been homeschooling her 3 children since 2017, when she and her husband decided to pull her eldest out of her first grade class, and they never looked back.

Her educational style could best be described as “relaxed eclectic”, mixing traditional pedagogy with a child-centered approach, and plenty of free time to enjoy life as a family.

Eva has been volunteering with AQED’s support team since 2020, where her main focus is to help the Allophone and Anglophone homeschooling families.

Erica Gipson
Board Member

Erica Gipson

Board Member
Sophie Provost
Board Member

Sophie Provost

Board Member

As the mother of three neuro diverse children, homeschooling was a natural choice for Sophie and her family. Trained in special education and a TEACCH Certified Professional Practitioner, she has had the opportunity to explore many school environments as a  resource teacher, special education teacher and adult educator. She wanted to give her children a different start.

Sophie is currently teaching at the adult education level and is a  resource teacher in private practice. She has also just started a post-graduate course in  psychoeducational well-being in an educational context.  All while of course fulfilling her main role as a mother-educator to 3 amazing kiddos.

Involved with AQED since 2018, first as a volunteer with the member support team and now as an administrator on the board of directors, Sophie loves being able to accompany families who are just starting the DEM process, without being able to stop herself from also chatting a bit about pedagogical approaches with interested parents. She also accompanies families who are experiencing challenges later in their homeschooling journey and who need further guidance.

Maude Beauregard-Paquette

Maude Beauregard-Paquette


Maude came to AQED in the midst of the political storm of the 2019 homeschooling regulation change. Despite the fact that she had no knowledge of home education, she quickly familiarized herself with the issues faced by those in this wonderful field.

Maude is involved in several areas of the organization’s management. As a young mother of 4 children, she is able to deal with all kinds of situations. Her versatility and resourcefulness are greatly appreciated by all!

Jessica Loiello
Administrative Assistant

Jessica Loiello

Administrative Assistant

A stay at home mother to an only child, Jessica always knew that homeschooling would be the path she followed with her family.  She is passionate about the different educational pedagogies as well as everything related to parenting, and conscious, gentle motherhood.  An administrative assistant by training, she also has training as a doula. Working at AQED is therefore in line with her values ​​and life goals, and for her represents the best way to help the cause of home education while being present with her family.

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We have been homeschooling from 2010 to 2019!  It has been quite an adventure!  At the time, we were practically alone.  We were “ pioneers”.  Oh, how we had to endure the dirty looks!  But we persevered despite everything!

AQED, through its communications and advice, played a great, positive role for us!  A kind of stable and reassuring lighthouse in the storm of our decision to home school!  It must be said that this was my spouse’s choice!  I embarked on the adventure by default and backwards, at first. But then, I embraced the adventure and got very involved.  And I had fun!

I can’t thank AQED and its driving forces enough for all this shared work! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH!!!

It has been an amazing privilege to have been able to watch our children grow and spend time with them!  The true essence!

Martine et Pierre-Louis

Home-based learning brought our family, primarily, an infinite number of possibilities ranging from adapting to the child’s strengths, weaknesses, interests, projects, progress to his or her needs and so on. Furthermore, the opportunity to offer our child a diverse range of enriching situations such as socialization, activities, different educational approaches, outings for discoveries, projects, etc. The opportunity to learn every day through fun. My daughter would like to add that it made her discover more and allowed her to do more activities

Nancy, Saint-Élie-de-Caxton

Before homeschooling, our family life was difficult and stressful. We needed to find the right rhythm to re-ignite in our children the passion for learning. They had passion, but few opportunities. We had projects, but again so little time to complete them. Now, life is dynamic, enriching, passionate and there are opportunities.

Annie Shirley, Port Cartier

Homeschooling makes it possible to attain further knowledge without having to wait to change grades!

Additionally, it has given me the chance to teach my autistic son concepts differently and more clearly than taught in school. Knowing that a lot of individuals on the autism spectrum don’t obtain a high school diploma, I think he has a greater chance of achieving this by learning from home.

Judy, Lévis