Review on the Prime Minister’s inaugural speech

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It is no surprise that there was no mention of homeschooling in the Prime Minister’s inaugural speech last Wednesday afternoon. The education segment was covered in just a few minutes with general phrases like “We need to renovate our schools”, it’s time to remind our elected officials that we exist and have issues, as well. 

The law states that homeschooling can be different from the school model as it must be appropriate and not equivalent, so the tools used for monitoring and evaluating should also be appropriate and not equivalent.

The elected officials are not aware of this, so we need to educate them about it.

Write to them and tell them about your reality and your needs. Here are some ideas for points to address: 

  • Exams imposed without adequate preparation
  • Exams in a foreign environment, unknown to the child
  • Stressful and unsuccessful situations 
  • If home schooled children are required to take ministry exams, the exams must be taken in a known and safe environment, a neutral environment deemed appropriate by the ministry AND the parent educator, which is not currently the case.
  • Same grading system as offered to students, with the ability to weight their ministry exam scores with the work they have done throughout the year (in the case of certification of studies), exams that are worth 100% of their report card grade is unacceptable
  • I want the requirement for ministry exams to be lifted. The use of tests as an assessment tool should be left to the discretion of each homeschooling family and remain a choice among those available in the regulations. 


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