September Updates

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Now that autumn is slowly settling in, we’re back in the swing of things… at full speed! The “school” year has barely begun, and already everything is buzzing around us! The media, the elections, the news, and of course— the legal procedures! Check out the September news to see what AQED and its super volunteers are up to.

The Election Campaign

AQED’s Public and Government Relations team is in election mode! We are taking advantage of this moment to try and make a difference. A press release outlining the challenges faced by homeschooling families has been sent to all parties. Members have also been invited to take part in the action. We hope to see a large number of parent educators get involved!

Member Support

AQED’s support team is busy giving new parent educators a helping hand to start the year off right. Our volunteers have already responded to 311 messages since August! A few families have asked for support with a regularization meeting with the DEM. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact AQED’s support team!

NEW: New content is available on our website: In Case of Dispute

Marine Dumond-Després, president of AQED, was sworn in a few days ago by our lawyers. Our application for an injunction will finally be filed later this week! Once the Ministry has been notified of this filing, it will have 15 days (to validate) to contest or to ask for mediation, otherwise our lawyers will plead our case in court.

PR Waltz

In last month’s newsletter, we promised to check on the many changes in the persons responsible (PR) for the children’s files at the DEM. Their purpose is indeed to facilitate the monitoring meetings at home. We remind you that you are not required to have your PR in your home, or even to meet with him or her in person. Visit the Meetings page in the Obligations section of our website to learn more.

2022-2023 Parent Handout 

We noted some subtle, but still important, changes in the parent-educator support document detailing the requirements of the DEM in the homeschooling context this year. Our observations: 

  • Physical learning traces are now clearly called for
  • Increased reference to the QEP, limiting the ability to offer anything else
  • Adding the component of discussing learning progress at the follow-up meeting instead of just the implementation of the AP

We are working on a more comprehensive message. Watch for more news on AQED’S website in the coming weeks.

DEM Portal

You have probably noticed that the use of their portal seems to be the new standard mode of operation for the DEM. If you prefer not to use the portal, simply notify your PR of your chosen method of communication. Use of the portal is not mandatory: some families are more comfortable using email, which is an equally effective method of communication. It may be more difficult for parents to copy other actors involved in their child’s education (SB/SSC, speech therapist, AQED, etc.) when using only the portal.

Wishing you all a great 2022-2023 “school” year!

Your Board of Directors