Math Help Services

From grade 6 to secondary 5

MHS essentials include a set of detailed video lessons aligned with the Quebec Education Program (QEP), which cover the subject matter from grade 6 to secondary 5. It includes explanatory videos, practice for training, endless recovery exercises to fill in gaps and improve performance, and interactive workbooks.

Each video lesson contains:

  • Introductory video instruction
  • Walked-through examples
  • Questions with detailed video solutions and self-testing features

Unlimited Remediation

It is possible to create unlimited remediation exercises for each lesson. The MHS system not only identifies topics that the student is struggling with, but also suggests remedial exercises to help fill in the gaps in his/her math knowledge and improve his/her performance.

Each exercise is linked to a video lesson on the subject, allowing the learner to get help as soon as he/she needs it.

The content can be accessed on any device with an Internet access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interactive Workbooks

MHS creates an interactive workbook for each class curriculum with questions, practice tests for each chapter, classroom investigations to develop inquiry-based learning and practice final exams.

Questions link to walked-through video solutions, which can be accessed using the MHS mobile app to scan the links.

Answer Keys

The answer keys can easily be found in the assignments section of the student portal, allowing parents to verify work or for the student to correct themselves.


The subscription is valid from September to August. Registration will be available from July 1st. However, please note that access to the platform will only be available from the first week of September. The cost for subscription to the platform is $65 per child.