A Student Ombudsman for Homeschooled Children

AQED had a discussion with the person responsible for the Québec Solidaire initiative, which aims to reform the Student Ombudsman (the body responsible for defending students’ rights towards the school system) so that its functioning is closer to that of the Quebec Ombudsman (Protecteur du Citoyen): more autonomy, confidentiality, possibility of global recommendations to the school system, etc. We asked that the presentation of the project specifically name homeschooled children in the section “Tous les élèves doivent avoir accès au Protecteur de l’élève” (translation: all students must have access to the Student Ombudsman).

The intention of this project is also to allow homeschooled children to benefit from this defence and support, whether it be towards the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison (DEM), the school service centres (CSS) or school boards. Access to educational resources, obtaining services and support from CSSs or school boards, appropriate preparation when ministerial exams will be required, and a fair process for obtaining the Secondary School Diploma (SSD) are some of the examples of issues that could be involved.

You can read (in French only), and support if you agree, the project at this link: https://appuyez.quebecsolidaire.net/racisme-intimidation-ecoles.

If you have experienced a situation that would illustrate the relevance of this project, you can share it with Christine Labrie, M.P. for Education on her Facebook page or directly with Marine Dumond, President of the AQED Board of Directors, who can anonymously forward your message ([email protected]).