Annual monitoring meeting with the DEM

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Hello all!

As the year progresses, we are moving towards another of the annual obligations imposed on parent-educators in the regulation: the annual monitoring meeting. Below is a reminder of what is required at this meeting, the purpose of which is to ascertain that everything is going well with respect to the implementation of the learning project.

Your resource person (RP) at the Direction de l’enseignement à la maison (DEM) will contact you at least 15 days in advance to make an appointment. You will need to agree on a mutually convenient date and means of communication. Your child is required to attend this meeting. You can find more details about the meeting on our website under the Obligations section, and members can access more details in the Members Only FAQ

With respect to requests from some RPs for traces of learning activities: It is important to remember that the regulations and legislation have not changed this year, so the requirements remain the same as last year. According to the regulation, it is not mandatory to present specific examples of children’s work. Since the subject of the meeting is the implementation of the learning project, the traces provided should relate to the project, should your RP request it. It is not necessary for the traces to be written: photos or verbal explanations of examples of activities that the child does are acceptable. By the same token, it is not mandatory to send evidence of learning activities in advance. If you have requests from your RP that go beyond the scope of the regulation and you need assistance in responding, please contact AQED support at [email protected]

In closing, we remind you that AQED is in constant discussions with many stakeholders in the world of education, including the DEM. To keep abreast of all developments and to know AQED’s position, suggestions and what’s upcoming, regularly consult the News section of our website and the Important updates section reserved for members.