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Consent form from the DEM for the release of personal information

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Families who have chosen English as their language of instruction, but whose children do not qualify for instruction in English, can still choose to have them take the ministerial exams in English. These families must be paired with an English school board to do so. The DEM has made a consent form available to families for the release of personal information in order to proceed with the pairing.

Some parents have expressed their questions and concerns regarding this form. Therefore, we have consulted our legal team, and here is the advice they had for us:

  • We advise you to read the form carefully and make sure you complete each section.
  • In section 3 of the form, a space is reserved to specify the extent to which you wish to allow, or restrict, the sharing of information. Be sure to indicate what information you agree to share and in what context (for example, to register your child for ministerial exams with the English school board). The learning project is not required for the ministerial examinations, unless your child is in certification of studies and wishes to obtain the units for the DES. You can therefore limit the information to be communicated to the fields already provided in the form (name, first name and date of birth of the child).
  • In section 4, it is possible to limit the time of authorization. 
  • In section 5, be sure to list only the people you authorize to receive the information. (You can add this information in section 3 as well if you wish.)

However, if a confidentiality problem occurs, here are the steps to follow:
With the Quebec authorities
With the Canadian authorities