Free web conference : How to build a portfolio

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As part of its new continuing education service, AQED is proud to present a second free web conference for our members.

We are pleased to welcome Stéphanie Meloche, parent-educator and entrepreneur, for a conference on portfolio-building, as the end of the year is!

What elements should one include in the portfolio for the DEM? What traces should be chosen, how should they be presented and on what medium? Whether your learning is child-led, project-based, or if you use textbooks, workbooks or a combination of all of these, Stéphanie will tell you everything you need to know to make your portfolio as concise and relevant as possible!

When: Thursday, May 5 2022, at 7h30PM
Where:  Zoom virtual meeting

Offered in French only
Registration is mandatory

Please note that registrations must be approved manually. Therefore, we thank you for your patience while waiting for the registration confirmation.