Notify your MNA about the negative experiences you faced due to mandatory exams this year!

The third year of mandatory ministerial exams has come to a close.  Even if AQED had to suspend its lawsuit against the education ministry for lack of resources, we are still on a mission to change the law.

We have learned that the SSC/SBs received 12 million dollars in 2022-2023 for our children.  What did they do with this money, other than administer exams?

We encourage all parents of children who experienced harm related to mandatory exams, or who did not receive appropriate access to services to contact their local MNA.

To find your local representative, consult this site.  In the left hand column, in the box “mots clés,” enter your postal code and you will be directed to the name and coordinates of your local MNA.

  • Be sure to mention that you are a constituent in their riding.
  • Briefly describe the challenges that you experienced/or expect to experience.  These could be logistical, financial, psychological or due to lack of equity.  The most important thing is to share your reality and the distress the situation caused. (You can use the statement you sent to AQED).
  • Ask them to intervene on your behalf with the minister of education, to cancel the obligatory exams, and/or to render this process more equitable.

You can find inspiration for your letter in this template.

The political and public actions committee is preparing a press release. Thank you for your involvement and stay tuned!

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