Public response to the Covid-19 crisis

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The Covid-19 crisis is having a major impact on the people of Quebec, in various forms – having to manage working from home, experiencing financial anxiety, or coping with the stress of the situation in general. This includes families who were already homeschooling, whether or not they are members of AQED, as well as all families that now have to deal with having their children at home full time.

It should be noted, however, that the current situation is far removed from the usual practice of homeschooling, since many educational activities take place outside the home, in museums, libraries or community organizations, and social distancing measures obviously affect homeschooling families who are accustomed to gathering together, whether for specific events or regular shared activities.

One of AQED’s missions is to raise awareness of the practice of family education, or homeschooling. This is why several initiatives are currently being carried out to help the vast number of parents who are facing homeschooling for the first time:

  • A file with a list of resources compiled by members of the AQED community and updated daily is available to all
  • A system of mentoring between “seasoned” families and families in need of support, whether in the form of discussion or message exchange, is currently being offered. We encourage families who are starting off with homeschooling to try this out, whether or not they intend to pursue the journey in the long term. The relevant information can be found in the post pinned on AQED’s public (non-member) group page.
  • Two video presentations are available on the AQED page and more will be published soon..
  • Members of AQED’s leadership team are responding to journalists’ requests; interviews and articles will be shared on AQED’s FB page.

To keep up-to-date with the latest developments, please visit:

AQED members can check the FB members group and the members section of the AQED website.

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