Seek help from your MNAs!


We now need other members of the government to feel concerned and get involved. We encourage all parents who have experienced or seen harm  related to the exams to contact their local MNA and their regional minister.

To find your MNA, visit this site. In the left column in the box, “Keywords”, you need to enter your postal code, and you will have access to the name of your MNA and their contact information.

  • Mention that you are a citizen in their riding / region.
  • Describe in a few lines the harm that you have experienced/will experience. It could be logistical, financial, involve mental health, equality… The important thing is to share with them your reality and the distress the exams cause. (You can use the testimonial you have sent to AQED.)
  • Ask them to intervene with the Minister to cancel the obligatory tests for this year/or to intervene to render the provision of tests equitable.
  • Use this document to optimize your request.

The political and public action committee is preparing media outings and other actions in the coming days. We thank you for your involvement. Stay tuned!