AQED wants every parent to feel confident in providing a customized education for their child. 

It’s not about knowing everything, it’s about being confident in your role as a parent-educator. It is through these webinars that we want to share our homeschooling expertise with you. We offer a wide variety of topics, inspired by the questions of parent-educators. Our experts share their knowledge with you, based on their professional and personal experiences.

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Spontaneous dispositions and enthusiasm at the heart of childhood (in French only)

André Stern

Did you know that all children are born enthusiastic? André Stern asks himself many questions such as, “Why has no one asked what would happen to a child who was left in his native state of enthusiasm all his life?” So he came to be interested in educational ecology, which is one of the main fields of action of the “childhood ecology” movement. Like him, it is mainly defined by a new attitude towards the child. An attitude of respect and trust in the spontaneous dispositions of the child, and therefore of the human being, throughout his life. André Stern’s analysis is based on the research of Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther, a researcher in neurobiology.

Freedom to learn

Peter Gray

Years ago Peter Gray found himself in a situation that may sound familiar to some. His son was being destroyed by the traditional school structure. They decided to leave the school and look for other options. What they found was Sudbury Valley democratic school. No subjects, no bells, no curriculum, no classrooms. Unstructured, unhindered free play. t was a democratic community where everyone at the school, no matter what age, had a vote. The philosophy: Adult’s do not control children’s education; children educate themselves.

De-Schooling Parents (in French only)

Thierry Pardo

De-schooling your children is a liberating first step. But it’s not enough to replicate the format, schedules, and habits of the classroom at home. Parents must begin a personal journey to de-school themselves and allow the entire family to enjoy true learning freedom and thus regain educational harmony.

We also have a series of webcasts available to AQED members, which cover a variety of topics, such as the learning project, the portfolio, homeschooling through high school, socialization, unschooling, the Quebec school curriculum…