Learning with Minecraft



This popular game, characterized by its blocky universe, has long been a favorite among children. More and more parent-educators are seeing it as a learning space, taking into account the many possibilities offered by the educational version of the game.

There is no shortage of ideas when it comes to using the game and its derivatives: rebuild a historical place and make links with history, write a story based on the game, read one of the many books related to the universe, take part in a challenge with others, even learn to code. While kids “play”, they are learning math concepts (esp. multiplication and geometry), engineering, chemistry, Earth sciences (all those kinds of rocks!), architecture, geography and vocabulary. The possibilities are endless! 

Here is everything that AQED has set up for family educators:

AQED servers

Homeschoolers can join the AQED Minecraft servers (Bedrock or Java players) to create together. Join the Minecraft AQED Facebook group to learn more.

AQED Minecraft Community

Organize playdates for your young Minecraft enthusiasts, share or search for Minecraft activities or educational lessons. Join the Minecraft AQED Facebook group to become part of the community!

Minecraft Education

Did you know that the purchase of individual licenses for camps, clubs and other organizations is now available to all families? Visit the Minecraft Education Edition website for more information. 

Minecraft Coding Course

What if this is the beginning of a new passion? Visit the Members’ Area to find out about discounts on coding classes with StudioXP.