Teacher evaluation service now available

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Due to the pandemic context, the DEM is providing flexibility to families who request it from their contact person. We are offering this service for parents who wish to continue with follow-up or who would like to have an evaluation done regardless. Get in touch with your contact person and/or AQED support for more information.

Parents homeschool have their child evaluated on an annual basis. An evaluation by the holder of a teaching licence is one of five options available. AQED offers this service to parents who choose this option, by selecting teachers who have homeschooling experience with their own children and/or who are comfortable with a variety of homeschooling approaches, including workbooks/manuals and self-directed education.

Assessments are usually done via a remote video meeting (Skype, Zoom or similar) and will mainly take place from April to June.

To find out more about the service and to use it, please visit evaluation.aqed.qc.ca.
For any questions or comments, please write to [email protected].