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The evaluation assistance service organized by AQED is back!

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We are trying out this year an offer for low income families. We will accept payment per child to be made as a voluntary contribution between $75 and $155. Please, keep in mind that the regular price is $115 per child. We would like families to be honest in the amount which they are able to pay for this service, so that this offer can be continued next year.

We have made the choice to book this service for AQED members only. Please take the time to read the process to make sure you have all the relevant information. 

The following information is required when making an appointment:

● child’s date of birth;
● level of instruction;
● primary language of instruction;
● AQED membership number.

Please fill out the information in the space provided.

The request for an evaluation will be refused if any of the above information is missing.