Update – Ministerial Exams

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During the month of March, you were invited to file a complaint with the Québec Ombudsman to express your dissatisfaction with the obligation to take ministerial examinations for home-schooled children.

Conclusion of the Québec Ombudsman 

Following this wave of complaints requesting the withdrawal of the obligation to take ministerial exams, the Québec Ombudsman conducted an analysis of the applicable legal framework. It concluded that the obligation to take ministerial tests was in line with the Regulation on home schooling.

“The wording of section 15.1 is unequivocal as to the legislator’s intention in this regard. Also, the consequences attributable to the imposition of these tests, which are now being reported by parent-educators, were foreseeable at the time this provision was adopted. It is therefore an informed choice made by the legislator.”

“The Québec Ombudsman cannot therefore intervene in the compulsory administration of ministerial exams for home-schooled children. That said, he remains concerned about the reality experienced by the complainants and their children.”

Results of the exams

Over the last few days, parents have begun to receive their children’s ministerial exam scores. We have observed, through the various testimonies on our Facebook groups, that the results vary a lot. Some had very good results and others, more disappointing results. We must keep in mind that these results, obtained in a context completely different from the one in which our children are used to evolving, are not representative of the real abilities of our children. This is especially true for the ones with anxiety disorders and learning disabilities.

The message now being conveyed is that the SSCs will be responsible for transmitting proof of attendance to the DEM. Some SSCs have informed parents that they will be responsible for sending the results to the DEM. This seems to us to be in violation of the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information. We suggest that you notify your SSC that you do not authorize them to share your child(ren) and family’s personal information with anyone.

AQED is continuing its advocacy work, including the filing of a request for an injunction regarding, among other things, the ministerial exams. We are also developing new strategies for action in light of the upcoming elections.

Let’s try to forget about all that for now. Celebrate the successes and great projects your children have accomplished this past year. Enjoy the summer and we’ll see you in September!