A word from our support team volunteers


The phone discussions lasted longer than an hour for some and there were long email threads with non-member families that had a lot of queries! We would like to remind you that the services such as the verification of a Learning Plan (LP) or other documents are reserved for our members.

The month of March has just begun and we are already buried in messages from people whose Contact Person (CP) ask for add-ons that seem inexplicable or who are requiring a second meeting because they later found that the traces shown during the first meeting were insufficient. Any explanation boils down to the idea of modality in the regulations and and that the Direction de l’Enseignement à la Maison (DEM) continues to change the requirements every year, if not every month.

Does this situation upset you too? We invite you to join our Political and Public Action Committee made up of volunteers who are committed to the defense of the rights of homeschoolers. We need you and your ideas on how to make our discontent heard. Get involved

For our part, the support team would simply like to assure you that your documents don’t need to be perfect from the start.

If the learning plan does not meet the applicable terms and conditions, the Minister will notify the parents in writing, stating the reasons. This notice will include recommendations for remedying the situation. The request will be made in writing and you will have 30 days after the request to submit your new document.

In general, the contact person will first call you to tell you about the problem and propose some solutions. You can use the proposals for inspiration or come up with your own ideas. Some contact persons offer a short delay, sometimes only a few days, before they ask for an answer to a question or a gap in the learning project. Know that these days are in addition to the 30 official days. In doing so, these contact persons are giving you a few extra days before sending you the official letter.

The same rules apply to the status report, assessments and portfolio.