Food for thought from a longtime Homeschooling Mama


Ok, here’s a thought for all of you who are sad at the start of school, feeling like you’re missing out. Question…. 

What if the sadness you’re feeling is simply because you’re holding on to your own memories and expectations? Children are excited to start school because as a society we build it up to be the most amazing thing ever, when in fact for many, it really isn’t.

A place to see your friends all the time… When in fact you need playdates after school so they can properly play together and not be yelled at to be quiet or sit in your own seat.

A place where learning happens… When in reality, learning happens all the time, sometimes most profoundly while immersed at home in a fantasy world brought to life by Playmobil and old sheets.

Today, while you are all feeling this sense of loss, allow yourself to consider that maybe the kids going to school are the ones missing out. Not to say that schools are bad, but maybe, they aren’t the be-all and end-all. Maybe there are other options that are just as good, and MAYBE even better.

Perhaps many of you will be back at school next year, but just for now, consider this a gift, an opportunity to experience something new, to learn something new, a new perspective. Perhaps it wont be for you in the end, or perhaps it will spur something in you. Let go of the “supposed to” and try to embrace this new experience. Allow your kids to experience it. Let them see the possibilities of other ways of learning.

Anyway, this is just a thought from a long time Homeschooling Mama, whose oldest child is old enough to make decisions for himself and thanks me daily for this gift of perspective and alternative learning.

Whatever the year holds… you will all be great. So will your kids. You love them, you are putting them first, and that can only result in awesomeness.


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