Learning project : requests some members are getting from the DEM

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Posts are circulating on our Facebook groups about Resource People (PRs) who are refusing/requesting changes to Learning Projects (LPs), sending generic messages about them, or asking for feedback over the phone.

You can find a reminder of what an LP should contain on the page Learning project, in the Obligations section of our website. Here are some suggestions for responding to these requests:

  • Ask your PR to tell you very clearly what is missing or what is not correct in your LP. For example, the competency “communicate orally” does not appear to be covered by the named activities or no written assessment has been made. The role of the PR is to let us know if our documents are compliant, but also to help us meet our legal obligations. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Here are a few examples: In which competency do you feel there is a lack of educational activities or resources? What additional elements are you expecting in this or that section of my documents? Why do you think that the activities I have listed do not address the objectives of this competency? etc.
  • Regarding requests for telephone appointments, you can say that you would prefer to be accompanied by a third person, or rather ask for feedback in writing. In the event of a telephone meeting, you can make sure that, if necessary, your PR will take note of any corrections to your LP. This means that you will not have to rewrite your documents. Some misunderstandings on the part of your PR or yourself can be easily resolved in a discussion.
  • Request the support of AQED at [email protected] by sending: your LP, message or comments from your PR so that we can see if the requests exceed the legal requirements.

AQED can intervene with the DEM when a PR has expectations that are too high. However, we need concrete examples.

On another point, we are continuing our efforts to highlight the fact that health instructions in the red zones are detrimental to the socialization of homeschooled children. The legal consultation did not have the expected results, but the mayor of a Montreal borough brought the file to the attention of Public Health at an official meeting. We hope there will be a follow-up and we continue to explore other options.

You can help by contacting your MP and making him or her aware of the difficulties related to the situation. Some families have also made the decision to continue their meetings outdoors while respecting physical distancing, mentioning that they are AQED members and that they formed a bubble of a few families like the bubbles in the school environment. However, the instructions on this subject are not clear.

If you have any questions, our great support team is here to help you.