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We have noticed that many of the DEM agents are demanding to be shown written traces* of our children’s work. They ask to receive them before the annual meeting, or to see them on the screen at the annual meeting.  

Although there is no mention of mandatory traces for the annual meeting in the regulations, it would seem that this requirement has become the norm among the monitoring agents.

Despite the fact that the DEM management has  confirmed to us that oral traces are still accepted, we have to face the fact that this no longer seems to be  the case. Most of the families who refused to show a paper trail at their annual meeting were forced into a second meeting.

It is still AQED’s position that the regulation as stated, as well as section 12 of the regulation, does not include a requirement to show a written record of the children’s work during the annual meeting, nor to send one for the mid-term review. It is our opinion that in requiring written traces, the DEM is overstepping what is required by law. However, we are compelled to note that parents who do not comply with this requirement complicate their relationship with the DEM and may even be threatened with file closure.

Rest assured that we continue to work with the management of the DEM in order to find common ground and to simplify the process for homeschooling families. However, this is not yet a done deal. Therefore, we recommend that you make the decision that best suits your situation regarding the request to submit a paper trail with full knowledge of the consequences currently being implemented by the DEM’s monitoring agents.

*Be aware that the requested traces often include:

  • a written production;
  • an example of work in mathematics, including problem solving;
  • an accomplishment in social studies ;
  • a science experiment.