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Update : Mandatory Ministerial Exams

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We want to reassure you that AQED is very hard at work behind the scenes to assert your rights and facilitate our transition to this new reality — while ensuring fair and equitable treatment for families in a homeschooling context.

We know that mandatory ministry exams are a hot topic right now for all affected educating families. We understand that it is stressful to receive the necessary information in bits and pieces. We are also aware that it is a real challenge to make your needs heard, and that school service centres and school boards are unfortunately not all on the same page. Here is a summary of the actions we have taken during the past few months. For those who prefer a video format, you can find one below.

Toward school service centers and school boards

 the Public and Political Action Committee recently sent a letter to 70 school service centres and school boards containing the document that we created with AQED’s recommendations. We took advantage of this mailing to ask them to specify the services they will be offering regarding the mandatory ministry exams and their preparatory activities.

We have started to receive responses and the majority have stated that they are still in the preparatory phases of planning.We believe that now is the ideal time for homeschooling children and their families to contact their school board or service centre to let them know your needs and expectations. If you are unable to reach the person in charge of your school board or service centre, or if you are unable to obtain clear information, please let us know via this email address:  [email protected]

Toward the ministry

At the same time, our committee has sent a request to re-establish the Provincial Advisory Panel on Homeschooling, which last convened in 2018. We reached out to the majority of stakeholders and most of them have stated they were in favour of re-establishing the Panel.

Curious about what has been done during the past year ? Here’s a reminder !
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ACPEQ and HSLDA are joining forces with AQED to present a common front with our demands regarding ministry exams. We have taken the initiative of putting together a survey intended for the affected educating families facing mandatory ministry exams this year. In order to help us accompany you and guide our actions (public relations, political, and or legal) please complete this questionnaire BEFORE FEBRUARY THE 18TH 2022.

We are currently in the process of considering which legal avenues to pursue.