Alternative Learning–the Interactive Workbook!

Apprendre autrement - le cahier interactif

Homeschooling gives parents access to a broader variety of teaching methods, which can be based on their child’s unique interests and needs. One particularly interesting tool is the interactive workbook. This type of project often appeals to children who are movers, tinkerers or have a thirst for learning.

What is an interactive workbook?

Better known as a “lapbook”, “flapbook” or “notebooking”, the interactive workbook, for me, is a collection of information that allows for handling, as well as amusing layouts.

The tool is best when the child creates the flapbook themselves. However, even when prepared by someone else, the child will invariably discover concepts that are presented in an amusing fashion.

The topic can be organized in a notebook, a folder or on a large cardboard. What’s important is to make it interactive: Open and close a booklet, lift an image, turn a wheel, pull notes out of an envelope, unfold a flower filled with information… All ideas are good!

What is the purpose of an interactive notebook?

An interactive notebook allows the child to gather the information that they already know about a subject and add what they are currently learning. Keep it flexible, and the child can return to expand on the flapbook as they learn new information.

Need help? There are several websites that offer templates to help you build your interactive notebook. Others provide basic information (knowledge) to fill them. This type of project encourages personal research.


Cahier interactif cycle de vie

To see some examples of interactive notebooks, or to download templates, don’t hesitate to visit creations by JouJouThèmes ($), Carpe Diem ($) and Profs et sœurs ($), Teachers Pay Teachers ($) (search for “lapbook” or “interactive notebook”), or consult these free templates.


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