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To teach your child, you don’t need a diploma or special training. But you do need to be motivated by a desire to get involved in your child’s life and education. It is a demanding commitment often filled with self-doubt. But, it is also deeply fulfilling work, giving your child access to a personalized education that is adapted to their needs. You can start homeschooling whenever you want. You don’t have to wait for permission. (See administrative steps section below).

Whether it’s to experience a fabulous family project, to respond to a particular need of your child, to accommodate a unique schedule or to offer a different educational experience, there are as many motivations as there are families who homeschool.

Getting information from a variety of sources and talking to other homeschooling parents can help you make an informed choice. AQED brings together a large community of parent-educator members who help and support each other.

Here’s some information to get you started.

Legal Aspects

Homeschooling is legal in Quebec. Find out about your rights and responsibilities to start your journey off on the right foot.

Administrative Steps

According to the Homeschooling Regulation, you must :

  1. Send a written notice to the Minister and the appropriate school board.
  2. Create and send a learning project to the Minister.
  3. Complete a midterm and status report.
  4. Participate in a  monitoring meeting.
  5. Have your child’s progress assessed annually.
  6. File a completion report at the end of your learning project or school year.

For an overview of these steps, see Obligations.

If your child is in high school, check out our page on Homeschooling in High School.

Does your child have particular needs? Our page on an Individualized Path will help!

In the Member’s Zone, AQED members have access to templates of these documents and examples submitted by other parents for each of these steps. It’s easier to get started on the right foot now than to try to catch up later! Members can also contact the support team for assistance in drafting their documents.

Monitoring by the Ministry of Education

The Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur (MEES) monitors home schooling through the Direction de l’Enseignement à la Maison (DEM). This follow-up includes: receipt of the notice of intent sent by the family to the Ministry, evaluation of the family’s learning project and ensuring compliance with the Ministry’s requirements for implementing the learning project and evaluating the child’s progress. The DEM supports families by providing assistance to parents who need it. You’ll find contact details, access to a secure space for transmitting your documents and a wealth of information, including FAQs, on the MEES website:

Pedagogical approaches

There’s no single way to provide a rich learning environment for your child. Which method will work best for you and your child? Explore the different pedagogical approaches you can use to help your family learn.


Support and socialization

Surround yourself with the right people so that you will always have support and ample opportunities for your child to socialize. AQED has many ways to support family-educators. Families can receive this support free of charge to get started with home education. Check out the Facebook groups in your area or the members-only support groups.

You can also turn to your school board for certain services. They are required by law to offer services to families, albeit on their terms.

AQED members also have access to regional representatives to help them with their homeschooling. These representatives, available in most regions, offer more local support to members and can answer their questions.

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